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IOPE UV Shield Outdoor Sun Patch 3.5g x 4ea

IOPE UV Shield Outdoor Sun Patch 3.5g x 4ea

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A sun protection patch that stays put on the skin to provide UV protection for outdoor activities.(93.5% of UVA and 98.9% of UVB)

1 Intensive UV protection Patch made of breathable fabric used in outdoor apparel, offering strong protection against UVA and UVB.

2 Hydrogel offering cooling sensation & comfortable feel. Cooling UV Shield Complex™ hydrogel keeps the skin feeling comfortable.

3 2.9 times greater adhesion With an ergonomically designed shape and 2.9 times greater adhesion than common hydrogel, the patch clings to the curve of the face even during active outdoor activities.



STEP 1 Lightly remove any oil on the area where the patch should be placed. 

STEP 2 Remove the patch from the clear film. How to use

STEP 3 Put the patch under the eyes, with the wide side placed toward the cheekbone.

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