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AMORE PACIFIC AP Prime Reserve Retrinit Creme 50mL

AMORE PACIFIC AP Prime Reserve Retrinit Creme 50mL

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2024' New Released

Velvety rich anti-aging cream designed to firm and fortify your skin

Flavonoid 228K is a remarkably potent formula that fuses our latest 228K plant extract with our solely developed RE.D Flavonoid and Black Yeast Booster with diamond fermentation. Flavonoid 228K reprograms¹ the skin to bring about a dramatic skin change.

A stabilized, high concentration of different types of low molecular Flavonoid 228K and other active ingredients absorb deeply onto your skin to improve density from the inside.

Flavonoid 228K absorbs deeply to reprogram the skin and initiate a 3-step program of change.

Repair : Enhancing skin’s barrier

Reverse : Reversing the signs of aging

Reserve: Preserving the skin’s improved condition


How to Use : In the morning and at night, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly around your face.

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