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AMORE PACIFIC AP Prime Reserve Retrinity Serum 15mL

AMORE PACIFIC AP Prime Reserve Retrinity Serum 15mL

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2024' New Released

High potency serum visibly improves the look of firmness, smoothness and clarity.

Flavonoid 228K is a remarkably potent formula that fuses our latest 228K plant extract with our solely developed RE.D Flavonoid and Black Yeast Booster with diamond fermentation. Flavonoid 228K reprograms¹ the skin to bring about a dramatic skin change.

Next-generation serum with firm, transparent, and diamond-like texture allows the effective ingredients including Flavonoid 228K and real diamonds to absorb deeper and stay in the skin for more than 4 hours after absorption, providing a lasting effect to enhance your skin.

Flavonoid 228K absorbs deeply to reprogram the skin and initiate a 3-step program of change. Repair: Enhancing skin’s barrier Reverse: Reversing the signs of aging Reserve: Preserving the skin’s improved condition

How to Use : In the morning and at night after applying eye care, dispense appropriate amount and apply evenly around your face.

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