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clé de peau beauté

clé de peau beauté CONCEALER N + BODAM Premium Natural Facial Cleansing Soap

clé de peau beauté CONCEALER N + BODAM Premium Natural Facial Cleansing Soap

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An incredibly smooth texture that closely fits the skin, giving a natural, yet high coverage finish.

Indulge in the latest edition of Clé de Peau Beauté’s favorite, the Concealer, that includes enhanced features to form a thin, comfortable layer leading to a long-lasting, flawless, and luminous look.

Leveraging the brand’s expertise in skincare, the Concealer is upgraded with the most precious ingredients and Clé de Peau Beauté’s Light Empowering Enhancer technology.

The reformulated product works to elevate the skin’s natural appearance while locking in moisture for 6-hours and boasts an impressive 16-hour long lasting finish. To find that perfect shade of foundation, the all-inclusive new Concealer features an expanded range of 13 shades.


1. Apply following skincare or the application of a pre-makeup base.

2. For combined use, apply the concealer before a powder-type foundation or after a liquid/cream-type foundation.

3. Extend the product 1 cm (approximately 1/2 inch), and apply directly to desired areas.

4. Blend gently with fingertips.

5. Use of a clé de peau BEAUTÉ concealer brush (sold separately) is recommended to enhance the application of concealer and achieve a more beautiful finish.

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