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HANYUL Geuk Jin Premium Ginseng Anti-Aging Skincare Duo Set

HANYUL Geuk Jin Premium Ginseng Anti-Aging Skincare Duo Set

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The Set includes

  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Water 125ml
  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Emulsion 125ml
  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Water 25ml
  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Emulsion 25ml
  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Essence 7ml
  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Eye Cream 5ml
  • HANYUL Geuk Jin Cream 8ml

Ginseng anti-aging line that provides deep nutrition and elasticity to the skin with the power of fresh ginseng capsules™ containing whole ginseng.

Raw ginseng capsule containing 100% whole ginseng and evolved crystalline ginseng
It is a crystal of ginseng anti-aging that contains not only saponin components, but also amino acids and polysaccharide components. It contains the vitality of the wonderful ginseng and provides powerful skin elasticity.

Fermented ginseng that maximizes the efficacy of ginseng through natural fermentation and aging
Enzyme-treated ginseng saponin and fermented ginseng extract are special ingredients that take care of signs of aging on the skin and strengthen skin elasticity.

Ginseng condensate contains the soothing effects of ginseng by condensing the moisture in ginseng
It smoothens rough skin texture due to aging, moisturizes and soothes the skin, and creates a healthy complexion.



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