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HERA SIGNIA Youth Firming Eye Cream 30ml

HERA SIGNIA Youth Firming Eye Cream 30ml

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The total anti-aging care eye cream takes care of the O line around the eyes with the powerful vitality of Narcissus Plant Cells to make it full of elasticity and vitality.

A total anti-aging eye cream delivering powerful vitality of narcissus stem cells to bring the skin back to its ideal healthy state. 

A solution to complex problems of the skin around the eyes – drooping eyelids, wrinkles at the corners and bags under the eyes. 

The rich and yet watery texture smoothly glides over the skin and gets absorbed to create firm and supple skin around the eyes.



Put a pearl-sized amount (0.1ml) under one eye. Use the inside of your middle and ring fingers to spread it over the skin and then massage as described below: Apply the eye cream in a circle surrounding the eyes and eyebrows.

1. Pull the eyelids upward when applying the cream above them.

2. Use your middle and ring fingers to lightly pat the skin.

3. Finish the massage by gently pressing the inner corners of the eyes using both thumbs. 

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