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IOPE Super Vital Cream Rich 50ml

IOPE Super Vital Cream Rich 50ml

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A total anti-aging cream (ultra moisturizing) that contains powerful plant energy of Selaginella to meticulously care for complex signs of aging.


Super Flavonoid™ - A complex of antioxidizing and anti-aging components extracted from Selaginella and waxberry trees, which are super plants with a powerful life force, helps create a skin that is full of life and energy with firmness and radiance.


How to Use

STEP 01 Apply the product by lifting it in the order of nostrils, lips, and chin to facilitate skin circulation by massaging.

STEP 02 Massage while drawing circles with the second finger joints of a fist from the center of the forehead outward.

STEP 03 Pinch the skin while following the facial line from the center of the chin to strengthen the chin muscle.

STEP 04 Sweep both sides of the neck using the remaining product to take care of the neck.

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