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KOSE Sekkisei CLEAR WELLNESS Whipped Shield Cream 40g

KOSE Sekkisei CLEAR WELLNESS Whipped Shield Cream 40g

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A cream that balances your skin’s moisture barrier, sealing in hydration with the light touch of whipped cream. For clear skin that's silky smooth.

  • Created with the concentrated natural goodness of our beautiful Earth, this cream delivers silky-smooth skin with complete clarity. It melts onto skin with a light and airy touch, imbuing it with hydration and sealing it in.
  • Forms a layer of moisture from bio*-derived ingredients bestowed from the Earth. Protects skin to prevent dryness, giving it a fine texture with visibly reduced pores.
  • Contains unique ingredient ITOWA, sourced from Japan’s rich natural environment*. Packed with plant-derived ingredients including Asian herbs, ITOWA prevents rough skin by increasing moisture barrier capacity and quality, maintaining healthy, clear skin unaffected by environmental problems.
  • Contains Clarity Boost Complex to accelerate clarity.
  • Clean fragrance to feel the breath of nature.
  • Paraben free
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