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OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum 20ml Special Set

OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum 20ml Special Set

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The Set contains :

  • Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum 20ml

[Additional gift]

# The composition of the gift is subject to change without prior notice. #

  • OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Capture Cream EX 7ml
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Eye Cream 5ml
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Gel Cleanser 40ml
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Skin Pad Set 1ea

It containing plant-derived vitality provides healthy skin that can resist against various changes and an external environment by strengthening the core of skin. Experience this stunning, extraordinary rejuvenation of the anti-aging ampoule serum that firms, tightens skin base for a youthful, beautiful appearance day by day. The sensual, premium texture imparts a burst of enriched moisture upon contact, deeply penetrating with potent hydration and comforting properties in featherweight application with a supple result inside-out.

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