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Sulwhasoo Ultimate S Cream 2.02 fl. oz./ 60mL Powerful Anti-Aging

Sulwhasoo Ultimate S Cream 2.02 fl. oz./ 60mL Powerful Anti-Aging

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This prestigious anti-aging cream, in a beautiful white packaging inspired by the Korean moon jar, is formulated with Ginseng Berry SR™ to help recapture skin's youth by helping initiate skin's visible transformation and address visible signs of aging. 

Sulwhasoo's patented anti-aging ingredient, which incorporates the precious ginseng berry, has gone through 15 stages of extraction and concentration.

Harnessing the power of the rare, and mysterious Ginseng Berry, the precious fruit of ginseng harvested for only 1 day after 1000 days of cultivation, Sulwhasoo formulated the potent Ginseng Berry SR™. This proprietary extract boasts a powerful anti-aging ingredient, Syringaresinol, at 200 times the concentration than untreated ginseng berries to help visibly transform signs of aging.

A culmination of Sulwhasoo’s extensive ginseng research and expertise, with only 1g extracted from every 600,000g of the fruit, Ginseng Berry SR™ helps recapture skin’s youth.

  • Size : 2.0 fl. oz. / 60 ml
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types
  • Skin Benefits : Hydrating, Visibly Firming, Anti-Aging


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