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SU:M37 CENTENICA CREAM 2.0 fl.oz. 60mL

SU:M37 CENTENICA CREAM 2.0 fl.oz. 60mL

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The luxurious and powerful cream of su:m37 with fermented ingredients over 100 years to bring back the youth of the skin by reactivating the baby-face gene.

  • Size : 2.0 fl.oz. 60mL
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types

Bright skin created by waiting for 100 years
It contains 100-year-old Sauternes wine, 100-year-aged golden Modena naturally fermented candle, and its noble ingredients to provide profound skin change.

Face the noble skin
Natural ingredients such as double truffle, natural high tea, saffron, and ashwagandha from all over the world are combined to create a noble skin.

Blossom with the essence of fermentation
Deep and rich fermented ingredients completed with ‘Gold Meading Fermentation’ awakened with golden cider honey, makes the skin healthier and more beautiful, providing a fundamental change.

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