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SUM37 Secret Essence ( 80ml / 150ml ) Natural fermentation Serum

SUM37 Secret Essence ( 80ml / 150ml ) Natural fermentation Serum

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It is an essential essence that contains Cyto-Ferm™, the essence of natural fermentation, to raise the skin's oxygen tension and strengthen the skin's natural strength.

It raises the oxygen tension of the skin and strengthens the skin barrier defense and antioxidant power to keep the skin healthy from external stimuli, providing clear and firm skin every day.

Cyto-Firm™, a more advanced fermentation center
By adding ‘Cyto-Extract’ created with advanced technology, it contains the essence of natural fermentation and strengthens the skin’s natural power.

Skin Water that absorbs quickly and deeply
It is a skin water formula containing nutrients resembling healthy skin in a finer amount, and it is quickly and deeply absorbed, providing moist and comfortable skin for a long time.
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