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HANYUL Red Rice Moisture Firming Cream 55mL

HANYUL Red Rice Moisture Firming Cream 55mL

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One-step and 1 second cream for deep hydrating and elasticity of 10 skin layers.
Provides deep hydration and elasticity by comfortably applied on skin.
Red rice cream reaches 10th layer of the skin in just 1 second to improve skin surface moisture by 411% and inner skin moisture by 204% after using the product.

Contains rice vegan ceramide™ similar to skin to provide moisturizing and firm layer from deep inside the skin.
Contains vegan ceramide for firm skin barrier and protecting skin against external stresses.

100% satisfaction in deep moisturizing from light application of soft cream cheese texture, inner skin firmness, healthy skin glow and radiance, and strengthened skin texture.
Warm and delicate floral scent that resembles autumn sunlight.
Made with refill capsules, international FSC certification, vegan-certified 8-free ingredients and rice cultivated in Yeoju.

Featured ingredients
The hydration of rice is maximized through 360-hour dual fermentation method to make rice vegan ceramide™ of HANYUL.
The 360-hour dual fermentation method resulted in rice essence that strengthens skin barrier moisturizing factor to attract and lock moisture in skin.
Made with vegan ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acids to form lipid layer of skin.
Contains rice vegan ceramide™ that strengthens moisture barrier and vegan-analogous collagen with antioxidation effect to improve inner skin dryness and elasticity.
Vegan-analogue collagen found in plants provide antioxidation effect to help with skin elasticity.


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