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MESAblue Immaculate Harmony Softner 200ml / 6.76 fl.oz

MESAblue Immaculate Harmony Softner 200ml / 6.76 fl.oz

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  • Voulume : 200ml / 6.76 fl.oz 
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types

Moisturize ans Soothe irritated skin
Change Dry Skin to Healthy Skin


Water, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, aloe vera leaf extract, sugar elm root extract, violet flower extract, kelp extract, yam root extract, butylene glycol, guaiazulene seawater Okra fruit extract, sorghum leaf/stem extract, Aspergillus fermented water, Siberian larch xylem extract, Chrysanthelium indicum extract, Long-leaved rhubarb root/stem extract, Poppy flower extract, Oak root extract, Quercus extract, Star anis extract, Chosun-hyeon sensuality root extract, yellow lily root extract, sagebrush bark extract, centella asiatica extract, rhododendron root extract, golden extract, green tea extract Spanish licorice root extract, matricaria flower extract, rosemary leaf extract polyglyceryl-10 laurate serine Alanine, Citric Acid PCA, Sodium Citrate, Fragrance, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDITA

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